Say hello to the new Big 5


TECNO has just shared the best news of the year: the launch of the SPARK 5. It’s a powerful, versatile smartphone with five advanced cameras; it’s like having a photo studio in your pocket. Say goodbye to blurry edges and low-budget lighting, and say hello to better selfies and more glamorous portraits; these five cameras help to catch your best side, every single time. The SPARK 5 is the go-to smartphone choice for the younger generation who want better to take better photos and videos.

The four cameras on the back and the one in front offer you plenty of new angles for photo opportunities. Here’s what you get: a 13MP Primary camera with F/1.8 aperture, a 2MP Macro lens to nail those close-up shots, a 2MP Depth lens for those slick Al Bokeh effects, an AI lens, and then the camera in front has a potent dual flash. The cutting-edge AI Camera 3.0 algorithm uses Artificial Intelligence, the quad rear flash, and a big F/1.8 aperture to capture clear, more natural photos, and that’s at both at night and during the day. This AI works as your new built-in Art Director, as it will improve all your photos by optimising the lighting and scene details. The AI will even help you to take better selfies too; with a dual front flash and Portrait HDR, they’ll be brighter, smoother, and more attractive – which is exactly what you want from a selfie. There’s also a revolutionary new AI Beauty Mode that offers pre-set features like intelligent brightening, skin polishing, and other beauty effects – all sorted with just one click. There’s a Beauty Mode in video chat too, so you’ll look younger and fresher for your interview or your chats with friends and family.  

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