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Plex is the solution to that mess of random DVD rips, movies, and TV shows you’ve accumulated for the last decade, now scattered across your computer and dusty external hard drives. Unlike most streaming apps like Netflix or Disney Plus, Plex is primarily a personal media library tool, designed to wrangle your messy files into a slick interface that looks just as nice as the big streaming providers. It scans your files, pulls in metadata like the name, cover art, genre, and description, and sorts and tags everything for you.

The simplest version of a Plex server is a convenient library you run and watch on a PC. But with a little more setup, you can stream from your Plex server to your TV in the living room, a games console, or even your smartphone when you’re out of the house. You can share your media library with friends, create custom playlists, or use Plex as a DVR to record live TV. And starting in 2020, Plex expanded beyond your personal media, with a selection of free streaming movies and TV shows to check out (with ads, of course).

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