News: Eachine TX16S Radio – Is it different from the original Radiomaster?


Eachine is releasing their own version of the TX16S, which is manufactured by Radiomaster. Although it has the same name as the original TX16S, they look different from the outside, are there any other differences?

The original TX16S by Radiomaster:

The Eachine TX16S:

As you can see the radio is quite similar, they’ve moved the flight mode buttons to be above the screen, and changed the rectangular Model and System settings buttons to circle.

This radio is manufactured by Radiomaster, rebranded for Eachine.

After checking with Radiomaster, they told me the gimbals are also different on the Eachine version. But apart from that the rest of the radio is identical, including features, specs and OpenTX firmware target. I am guessing the gimbals are cheaper so they could drop the price a little? We shall see when it gets released.

It will be available end of April 2021. There is no product page available yet.

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