MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Lectures Cruz: Governance Is Not Just “Performative Trolling,” Being Rush Limbaugh | Video


HAYES: At some level you can almost understand from Ted Cruz’s perspective “what is exactly the big deal?” Ted Cruz sees his job as basically a guy who records podcasts, goes on FOX News, and tweets snarky jokes. And increasingly that is what being a conservative politician is, it is a form of performative trolling. And what is he supposed to do about a frozen pipeline anyway?

…Senators have constituency services, they have deep networks of powerful people, they can liaison between different levels of government, they can marshal resources, they can highlight problems to federal officials, there are a million things a senator can do in a middle of a disaster. If they don’t know what to do they can just go door to door to check on people with a mask. But none of that appears to interest a politician like Ted Cruz who sees himself as basically as Rush Limbaugh with a Senate office. It’s not just Ted Cruz its bigger than him we saw the apotheosis of this with Donald Trump’s management of COVID.

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