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Other Game Adaptations Like The Last Of Us We Need

The Last Of Us has been a hit video game since 2013. Players that jumped into this world of fungus-infected enemies knew really quickly that it would make a great movie or series. As seen on HBO, the show is a big hit. Pedro Pascal has brought to life Joel in the series, and the young Bella Ramsey is portraying Ellie. Together, the two of them must travel across a dangerous country while staying away from infected and other scavengers. What other game adaptations could make a great series like The Last Of Us?

Since superhero fare and post-apocalyptic stories are still running strong, this game series would be perfect for an adaptation. Cole wakes up after an explosion that leveled several city blocks. He learns that he was found in a crater in the center of the explosion. While he was out, the city was quarantined, and no one was allowed to leave. He soon discovers that he has the power to channel electricity through his body. He uses this power to free parts of the quarantined city that has been overtaken by criminals and to find out what caused the explosion.

Game Adaptations like The Last Of Us

W​ith HBO needing to fill in their western show slot now that Westworld has ended, Red Dead Redemption would be a perfect story to set in that area. In the early 1900s, government officials force John Marston to round up or kill the former members of his gang. They have kidnapped his wife and son. They say they will only let them go once Marston has finished his task. He then sets out to find the former members and take care of them one by one.

Game Adaptations like The Last Of Us

I​n the 31st Century, machines have taken over the land, and humans are forced back into tribal-like societies. Aloy is a huntress who has to use all her skills to find resources to survive and outwit the powerful machines that rule over the land. This would fit perfectly between seasons of House Of The Dragon to still provide that medieval feel while being about technology in the future to separate itself enough that it wouldn’t get stale.

Game Adaptations like The Last Of Us

D​etectives show up at the scene of a massacre to find that no known assailants are present. When they watch the footage back, they see a mysterious hooded figure. As they try to escape from an assumed haunted hospital, they realize the world around them has transformed, and dark figures attack them. They have to get to the bottom of what is happening and how to reverse it. A fun horror scenario that could play out great as a game adaptation.

Game Adaptations like The Last Of Us

K​ratos is a Spartan warrior. In a losing battle, he asks Ares to help him defeat the barbarians. He grants him this request but then uses Kratos to lead the Spartan army to conquer most of the world. At one point, Ares forces Kratos into a blood rage to destroy a city. When Kratos comes to, he realizes he killed his wife and daughter. Feeling tricked and betrayed by Ares, he sets out to get his revenge on the god by accumulating artifacts that will give him the power to do so.

Game Adaptations like The Last Of Us

A​ Mongol Empire invasion of the island of Tsushima led to most of the Samurai being killed. Jin Sakai is one of the last ones left. He must find a way to fight back against the Empire and free his island. But to do so means he will have to move outside of his Samurai teachings. He knows that staying in the strict ways of the samurai will lead to defeat. Now he must create a new form of warfare that relies on stealth. He must become a ghost.

Game Adaptations like The Last Of Us

A hired thug named V steals a prototype chip called the chip of immortality. When the deal goes wrong, they implement the chip in their system but end up getting injured. They are left for dead in a landfill but wake up to find that someone called Johnny Silverhand is talking to them. After some back and forth, they discover that he was a rock star who fought against the evil corporations in the past. His consciousness was put onto the chip, and now he is stuck inside V’s head. He offers help and advice to guide V through different scenarios. If they get Keanu Reeves on board this could be a very successful game adaptation.

Game Adaptations like The Last Of Us

A​ writer is having problems with writer’s block. He and his wife Alice take a trip to clear his head. They rent a cabin in a small town. She is later kidnapped by dark figures who drag her into the lake they are staying on. He tries to save her but blacks out. When he awakens, he finds he has wrecked his car. As he tries to find out what happened to his wife, he finds a mysterious manuscript he doesn’t remember writing. The events in the manuscript start to come true, and the local townsfolk appear to be taken over by a dark force. Sort of a mixture of Twin Peaks and In The Mouth Of Madness. It would be a fun and dark game adaptation that could rival The Last Of Us in story.

Game Adaptations like The Last Of Us

J​ack is the only survivor of a plane crash in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He quickly finds an entrance to an underwater city called Rapture. Once inside, he finds that while the decor gives off a cheery vibe, the reality is anything but. Rapture seems empty except for a handful of children who seem possessed. They are accompanied by large figures in crazy diver’s suits. The little girls call them Big Daddies. As Jack tries to figure out how to escape from Rapture, he uncovers the sinister origins of the city.

Game Adaptations like The Last Of Us

The King of Skyrim has been murdered. As others lay claim to the throne, different clans begin to divide the land. Out of nowhere, dragons return to the land. These creatures were long thought extinct. Now they wait for a hero prophesied to be a Dragonborn to come and save them from the creatures. They will have the power to use their voice as a powerful weapon to combat the dragons and keep them from destroying the land. It would be a great replacement for Game Of Thrones.

What games would you like to see get adapted as a series? Are you enjoying The Last Of Us? Let us know in the comments.

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