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The Southern Drakensberg community is ‘repairing our awful roads’





A community project has been initiated to repair the unmaintained roads of the Southern Drakensberg.

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Known as ‘Repairing Our Awful Roads’ or ROAR, the community has seen that tourism in the area is being ‘decimated daily by the state of the roads and infrastructure.’ Tourism is one of the area’s leading employers, and the decline poorly impacts many livelihoods.

Medical services, taxis, trucks, and locals also drive these dangerous, pothole-infused roads daily. The Southern Drakensberg community has decided to take matters into its own hands.

The initiative began in March 2021 when three individuals began fixing the potholes in Himeville. Of all their refilled potholes, only one has sunk but plans have already been made to have it compacted and refilled.

The Southern Drakensberg community is ‘repairing our awful roads’

Picture: Ryan Smith – Flickr

The local Build It in Underberg has opened an account where anyone can donate funds that will help pay for supplies. The store is also assisting the community with getting materials at the best price.

With donated materials coming in, the Facebook group would rather allocate funds ‘to providing jobs to assist the project.’ They are also currently in need of a farmer to supply a tractor and trailer to carry the heavy materials.

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