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Welcome to the Future – May 2022 Edition

Mike Palmer returns with virtual CoHost Nancy to run through highlights from recent episodes of Trending in Ed before sharing clips from a couple of upcoming episodes to pique your interest. We begin by sharing Mike’s conversation with Sunil Gunderia from Age of Learning where Sunil talks about building learner identity and the fact that learning is intrinsically rewarding in its own right. From there, we hear from Abby Falik, the Founder/CEO of Global Citizen Year, as she shares her thoughts on the future of a traditional 4-year or 2-year degree. GSY is a fascinating program that recently made news by receiving funding from the Mackenzie Scott Foundation.

Then we share sound from our episode with Dr. David Lenihan from Tiber Health as he imagines how emerging technology will likely impact both medical education and the delivery of medical care. Then we hear some fun facts from Frances Valintine about the Kiwi, the national bird for her native New Zealand. Fun stuff!

We conclude with clips from upcoming episodes with Tony Wan from Reach Capital and with Larry Cuban, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and author of a new book, Confessions of a School Reformer. Mike also shares some news about what else we’ve got cooking here at Palmer Media.

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