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Trailer Watch: Elizabeth Banks Tells the Wild Story of “Cocaine Bear”

Ever wonder what would happen if an apex predator was “out of its mind” high on cocaine? Enter Elizabeth Banks’ “Cocaine Bear.” Inspired by true events and set in the ’80s, the comedic thriller explores the aftermath of a botched drug smuggling operation that resulted in a plane crash and packages of cocaine landing in a Georgia forest. “A lot of cocaine was lost,” we’re told in a new trailer for the pic.

While folks initially wonder “what kind of effect” the cocaine will have on the bear, it soon becomes apparent that being under the influence of cocaine makes the animal dramatically more aggressive and unpredictable. “What the fuck is wrong with that bear?” one character asks.

“Cocaine Bear” marks Banks’ third feature credit as a director. She previously helmed “Pitch Perfect 2” and “Charlie’s Angels.” The three-time Emmy nominee was last seen in “Call Jane,” Phyllis Nagy’s drama about an underground abortion network.

Counting Keri Russell (“The Americans”), Margo Martindale (“The Watcher”), and Brooklynn Prince (“The Florida Project”) among its ensemble cast, “Cocaine Bear” hits theaters February 24.

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