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Lassa Fever Kills Five In Oyo State, 3 LGAs In High Risk

Lassa Fever Kills Five in Oyo State, 3 LGAs in High Risk

Between January 2022 and January 5th, 2023, Oyo State has reported five fatalities from an illness with Lassa fever, which was present in 25 confirmed cases and 121 suspected cases.

The Director of Primary Health Care at the Oyo State Ministry of Health, Dr Bunmi Ayinde, made this statement during a four-day conference to review and plan the co-produced USAIDS Breakthrough Action Nigeria Programmes.

She said five health workers were among the persons who died from Lassa fever within the period, wherein105 cases recovered and 96 were tested for Lassa fever.

Dr Ayinde stated that in January 2023, three suspected Lassa fever cases were recorded, with one turning out positive and dying from the infection.

According to her, the three local government areas with high risk of Lassa fever in Oyo State were Iwajowa, Kajola and Orelope Local Government council areas.

“We have had 121 suspected cases in the last year; suspected cases are those that had symptoms but were not confirmed. Out of those cases that were probably suspected cases, we had a mortality of 10. We had 105 recovered cases and in all, we tested 96 cases. The 96 tested negative for Lassa fever. These were cases between January 2022 and January 5th, 2023,” she said.

Dr Ayinde declared that cases of Lassa fever in the state were from the consumption of contaminated foods with body fluids of infected multimammate rats which tend to occur more during the dry season when these rats come into residential areas looking for food.

According to her, “We have encouraged health care providers to maintain a high index of suspicion and to have an infection prevention control in place when attending to all patients; no matter who the patient is or the case before them.

“If you test a client for malaria and the client is negative, you should have a high suspicion of other possible causes, one of which is a viral hemorrhagic fever”, she added.

Dr Ayinde, therefore, advised Nigerians to keep their edible foods in tightly covered containers, away from rats; maintain a clean environment and avoid self-medication.

In her opening remarks, Oyo State Coordinator for USAID Breakthrough Action Nigeria, Mrs Toyin Afachang urged the media to help increase awareness of Lassa fever, its causes, symptoms and prevention and what to do in suspected cases.

According to her, “USAID Breakthrough Action Nigeria is currently supporting the airing of Hausa, Yoruba, Fulfulde and English jingles, targeting communities in a language they can understand.

“What we are doing at this review meeting is to integrate all of these programmatic areas- malaria, tuberculosis, COVID-19 vaccination, Lassa fever and now diphtheria into one and educate our media partners on them and they can in turn help to educate our population on their prevention”, she added.

Mrs Afachung, who stressed the importance of keeping COVID-19 vaccination card, noted that efforts must be intensified on the awareness against the menace.

Meanwhile, the media review meeting was attended by participants drawn from electronic, print and online media platforms.

Lassa Fever Kills Five In Oyo State, 3 LGAs In High Risk

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