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Why Car Accidents are on the Rise in Texas

According to recent reports, in Texas, there were more than 550,000 auto accidents in 2016, accounting for close to 4,000 fatalities and more than 17,000 serious injuries. Although accidents can occur at anytime and anywhere, some factors are more frequently to blame for car accidents than others.

To obtain the compensation you are entitled to for your losses following an automobile accident involving you or a loved one, you must seek the assistance of the best Texas car accident attorneys.


In Texas, speeding is the main factor in auto accidents. The majority of drivers acknowledge occasionally going over the speed limit, but many are unaware that doing so limits their ability to respond to and avoid difficulties that may emerge on the road.

Driving when distracted

Driver inattention is the second leading factor in auto accidents in Texas. Using a cell phone ortexting while driving can cause drivers to get distracted. Serious accidents and fatalities can occur with even a one-second gap in attention to the road surroundings. 

Veering in and out of lanes

Other drivers respond abruptly and are startled when vehicles waver in and out of lanes.

Failing to yield when making a left turn

In order to prevent an accident when turning left into oncoming traffic, a motorist must precisely gauge the distance and speed of the closest oncoming vehicle. When this calculation is not done correctly, a crash may result, with the person making the turn frequently taking the brunt of the blow.

Erratic driving

Those who are hurried or impatient with other motorists frequently exhibit aggressive driving. Unpredictable driving makes it nearly impossible for other motorists to anticipate it, and crashes frequently result from it.

Negligent driving

Reckless driving, which is frequently characterized by high speed, can also involve impatient and hostile behavior. A careless driver puts other motorists in danger of a collision and potentially life-altering injuries when he speeds or cuts them off.

Drowsy driving

Driving is affected by sleep deprivation just like it is by alcohol. Exhausted drivers are less alert, react more slowly, and run the danger of nodding off while driving. Drivers who don’t get enough sleep or who drive after becoming drowsy increase the likelihood of an accident.

Road conditions

Over the years, Texas’s increasing traffic has resulted in the construction of several challenging roadways. Even the most seasoned motorist may feel uneasy when driving through the roads in Dallas. Accidents may occur when unfamiliar drivers use these roads because of their uncertainty and fear.

Senior drivers

Age-related changes in muscle tone, eyesight loss, diminished flexibility, and joint stiffness can all have a negative impact on a person’s ability to drive safely. Many older drivers struggle to give up the independence that driving affords them and drive when they shouldn’t. Elderly drivers can still be a danger on the road, even though they don’t drive as frequently or as far as youngindividuals do.

Teen motorists

Teen drivers’ involvement in automobile accidents is frequently influenced by inexperience, bad judgment, and risk-taking.

You should contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible if you have been hurt in a car accident. 

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