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The Mum Next Door Society

Hello! I’ve literally tried writing this first sentence about 5 times but nothing quite seems to sound right 😂 basically, welcome (agh that sounds so cheesy) to The Mum Next Door Society. 

In all honesty, I have no idea what this will be, where it will go, will I be able to keep it up, and so forth – but I’m very good at talking myself out of things, and when I had the idea for this page back in august last year, I set up the username, started planning posts and then repeatedly told myself that what I was doing wasn’t original so shouldn’t bother.

But then I had a bit of a word with myself and realised that just because there’s something out there already similar, doesn’t mean you can’t put your stamp on things; imagine if we only had one brand of yoghurt – random example there I know, but you get my drift. 

There are so many other mum focused accounts out there, but I guess – I wanted my own creative outlet for Mum stuff, as I didn’t want to totally alienate everyone on my Instagram / blog. 

So here we are (one of my goals this year was to just do things rather than plan, plan and then fanny about 😂) 

As you know, (we’ll I’m assuming you know, you may not, and may have just stumbled across this post) but anyways I had a little girl in January 2021, and being a Mum is absolutely amazing. 

The Mum Next Door Society

My daughter, Penelope, is the light of my life, I love her so much that sometimes I think my heart will burst, she is the best thing that’s ever happened to me- but that being said, I have been undoubtedly shocked at how hard motherhood can be, also pair with becoming a Mum in a global pandemic – my god, it can be really fucking hard. 

Although I’ve been incredibly lucky to have a wonderful support network of family and friends to always be there for me, there have been many a time where I’ve felt completely alone in what I was thinking or feeling – and the only thing that takes away that loneliness in my opinion, is talking to other Mum’s. 

It would be a random mumsnet thread from 2006 that I’d stumble across at 4am during a night feed that would bring me a bit of solace, a walk in the park with another first time mum where we’d do about 17 laps so our babies would have a good nap, which would leave me feeling revitalised, or a DM chat on Instagram, in which we’d both exclaim ‘OMG ME TOO!’ 

I really wanted to create a space that would potentially help a new mum or a not so new mum like myself feel a bit better, even if it’s just for a millisecond. 

I think I’m going to keep things quite light on here, although I did debate with myself about what things to post, my anxiety has been very up and down since giving birth, and when I’m sleep deprived it’s sky high and I just don’t think I could manage to write / edit about really heavy topics. There’s lots of other amazing pages for more in depth motherhood posts, Beth Sandland has recently launched The Motherhood Edit which covers lots of subjects to do with motherhood. 

So I’m excited to start posting, I hope you guys like it, and relate to the posts, and fingers crossed it feels like chatting to the mum next door 💓 (god that was wet wasn’t it!)  

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