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New Inspirational Phone Wallpapers – February 2022

Hi, hi, hi!! How are you? I am so excited to be back making new phone wallpapers, I’ve had a good break from them, but very excited to hopefully start creating them again more regularly. Today I have some new inspirational phone wallpapers for you, I had a few spare minutes and some inspiration floating about and ta da – here we are!! I have gone for a bit of a Valentine’s theme (even though it’s over, I feel like February is the month for a bit of love *espesh self love* so hopefully you still like these!)

I hope you love them, and please do let me know if you have any requests for future ones, I’m going to try and get new ones added at least once a month 🙂 I have a little bit more childcare at the moment which means I can get more posts up which I’m really looking forward to, as I’ve missed posting so much!!

As always the same thing stands, please feel free to use, re post (with credit though please 🙂 ) share on your IG, Pinterest, etc…

To Save :

Click on the image and then right click to save or just screenshot to use on your phone.

Please feel free to use as backgrounds /posts on Instagram but if you do use them, please tag me – my Instagram is @corriebromfield as I’d love to see!


New Inspirational Phone Wallpapers – February 2022 inspirational phone wallpaper

You can also see my other inspirational phone wallpapers here.

Hope you are all doing really well, really hope you like these 🙂 and hopefully I’ll see you soon with some new wallpapers!!

I also pop all my wallpapers on Pinterest too, so keep your eyes peeled as you’ll always see my latest ones over there first 🙂 also feel free to save them to your boards for future inspiration, I am always going through my ‘inspirational quotes’ board on days when I need a little boost!!

See you soon, have a lovely day! x

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