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Mamas & Papas Occaro Pushchair Review

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Seeing as we’ve been using the Mamas and Papas Occaro pushchair for over a year now, I thought it may be time to write up a full review on it. 

I personally found posts like this so helpful when we were looking at pushchairs, it’s such a big decision which you want to be right and it’s always helpful to hear from real people who have used these things day in and day out.

So to start, let’s clarify that I was very kindly sent this pushchair from Mamas & Papas in return for some social posts last year – I am however under no obligation to do this post, and everything in this post will be completely honest – but just wanted to pop a disclaimer there

So the Ocarro pushchair, it’s very well known within the parenting community, mamas and papas are very social media savvy, and many influencers I follow had the Occaro so I had heard of it often online-  but what are the highlights of it? 

  • Famous One hand fold 
  • The padded plush seat means a comfy ride for baby
  • Tackle any terrain with the supportive dual suspension
  • Ready from birth: Carrycot and car seat compatible
  • Supportive sleep: Lie-flat seat design
  • Cooling comfort: Ventilated seat
  • Cosy support: Head cushion & padded chest pads
  • Privacy & protection: Large, extendable hood
  • Effortless strolling: Adjustable pushchair handle
  • Improved visibility: Reflective wheel trims
  • Durable support
  • Puncture-proof tyres
  • Stress-free storage: Easy-access under-seat basket
  • Ready for kerbs: Ergonomically-designed chassis
  • Pocket for car seat adaptors & mesh pocket for rain cover

The Occaro Carrycot also has many benefits such as :

  • Lie-flat position supports natural, healthy sleep
  • Magnetic apron tucks baby away quickly and quietly
  • Front-release handle lets you move your carrycot with ease
  • Hood’s optional air vent keeps the cot cool and comfortable
  • Cushioned mattress offers even more comfort for naps on the go
  • Compatible with the Ocarro pushchair for those early months 

You can get the Ocarro in several different colours (we’ve got the raven) and can buy it in different bundles, ours came with : carrycot, pushchair, footmuff, car seat adaptors and coffee cup holder, but you can also buy complete travel sets with a Car seat and isofix base too! 

Mamas and papas occaro pushchair, occaro pushchair review

I would compare prices of buying things separate I.E the car seat vs the bundle and go from there. There is only a couple of car seats which fit onto the occaro so you don’t have a huge amount of choice – we went for the maxicosi cabriofix car seat which we had no problems with and found it so easy for being able to click the car seat onto the pram! Places like Very usually have good deals on the Occaro travel system bundles. 

So we’ve used this pushchair every day for the past year, and my overall concensus is that: we’ve loved it. 

My little girl seems to like being in it, we even went through a phase where she’d only nap in the pram so she must have been comfortable in it, and it seems to have been been great through all sorts of weather too. 

There’s vents and zips you can undo to make it cooler- although I did get a clip on buggy fan for when it was really warm!

We mostly use the Occaro on pavements when out and about but have found it to work on most terrains except gravel – that’s the only thing I’ve had a problem with but to be expected I guess! 

It’s very easy to steer, and smooth, and we’ve never had any problems with wheel punctures, and it seems to do well with going up and down kerbs (it never seems to disturb my little girl so that’s good!!) 

We used the carry cot for just under 3 months before Penelope started to get a bit frustrated at just lying down, she then loved the pushchair seat which is suitable from birth as it lies completely flat. You can swap the seat round in two directions quite easily too! 

So I thought it may help to do a pro and con list of things we like and don’t like about it – 

Pros : 

One hand fold (there is a knack to doing it) but once you get it, it’s very easy to put down and up – the footmuff can sometimes make it a bit more tricky though but all in all it’s easy and quick to use. 

Nice and light to steer / push 

Good storage underneath for shopping / bags 

Easy to have rear and front facing 

Loved being able to put the car seat on the base when she was younger 

Extendable hood is good for shielding the sun 

Pretty durable and hardy

Comfortable and padded – my daughter seems to find it comfortable 

Works well on most terrains

Cons : 

It’s heavy! Lifting it in and out of the car is a bit of a struggle and I don’t know how anyone who’s had a c section would cope for the first few weeks. 

It’s not the smallest of prams so can take up a bit of room in the car / boot

The brake can sometimes stick so can be quite hard to release 

The footmuff can get in the way when folding it down so have to push quite hard. 

The raincover ripped so we had to buy a new one recently but this is after a year of use –

All in all, we’ve loved this pushchair and been very happy with it. I would 100% use it again if we have another baby one day, and still continue to use it now daily with Penelope (we are getting a new lighter stroller to use though to have in the car so will update you on that!) 

With prams, I would recommend going and trying them out if you can before buying, we were quite stuck as we were in a lockdown when we were looking at prams so had to go off online reviews, etc.. but definitely think it makes a difference being able to try things out! 

But yes I’d definitely recommend the Occaro Pushchair, I wish it wasn’t as heavy as it is, but apart from that it’s been pretty perfect and my little girl finds it comfortable so that’s the main thing! 

If I’ve missed anything out at all, and have any questions about the pushchair, please let me know, either leave a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll get back to you 🙂

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