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What do Mums really want for Mother’s Day?

#AD. This post is in conjunction with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own

This year is my second Mother’s Day, and I’m looking forward to it much more than I was last year.  Last year, I felt like I’d been a Mum for a whole 5 minutes, and was still very much in that newborn bubble/haziness of hormones! But this year, I’m feeling much more deserving of a Mother’s Day!

If you’ve stumbled upon this post, I’m guessing you are looking for Mother’s Day gifts, and my friend, I am here to help you out. I’m going to tell you exactly what Mums want for Mother’s Day (I mean I can’t speak for all mums obviously so this is more of a ‘what this Mum would want for Mother’s Day!) But I hope it helps nonetheless.

I’m working with Boots on this post, who have got an absolutely brilliant assortment of gift ideas for Mums. I think you could find a gift suitable for every mum there, there’s gifts for homebody Mums, fitness Mums, glam mums, Sentimental mums, new mums, etc… you get my drift!

Now first things first, do not get stressed about Mother’s Day presents, because I think personally thoughtful gifts trumps any other gift, and Mother’s Day is about being grateful for your Mum/partner for all they do and showing that appreciation for them! 

I have chosen a few selections of things that I’d love for Mother’s Day, so let’s chat through them… 

Fancy Bath Products: Okay so yes these kind of gift sets are a bit of a cliche, but let me tell you, I love a fancy bath gift set/product because it is something that I never buy for myself. Most mornings I end up using my little girl’s body wash as I forget to buy my own shower gel every time I pop into Boots (usually because my mind is thinking; you need teething granules, calpol, melty sticks, nappies…) my coconut shower gel gets long forgotten about! 

One of my friends recently recommend a bath oil, so I think something like this one from fancy spa brand Cowshed would be a lovely present or a gift set like this Sanctuary Spa one which has a mix of a few products in. The best thing about Boots is that there are so many lovely gift sets that you could choose from, to suit all budgets & tastes.

Now to make the present top tier, to go alongside the gift set / products, give her the time to actually use them, because it’s all very well saying ‘here’s a nice bath oil’ and she’ll think ‘right when am I going to use that then?’ 

Get the kids involved and make her a voucher for an afternoon of pampering, or offer to take the kids out so she can have a relax, or if you have a child who isn’t a ridiculously light sleeper like mine is, then run her a nice bath when the kids are in bed, light some candles, pour her a glass of wine, etc….so make sure she gets the time to use the new products. 

That to me would be a lovely present because I never get time to have a bath these days and would love to have a soak now and then! 

Make Up : 

So this is a bit more of a tricky one so it may require a bit more work from you, but if your Mum loves her make up, she’ll love this gift. So my thinking is that I don’t really spend a lot of time or money on myself anymore, and my make up bag is looking a bit lacklustre. 

Boots have the most amazing range of make up brands, I’m talking premium luxury brands to your old faithful drugstore brands, there is so much choice that you can definitely treat your Mum. 

Now you can go about this two ways; one – be a sneaky squirrel and have a look in her makeup bag and see what’s running low/she uses a lot – maybe her favourite foundation is almost run out (take a note of the brand / colour) or her eyeshadow palette has seen better days, is her mascara drying out? 

Or maybe you know her well enough to know she loves MAC lipsticks for example, or Benefit mascaras – 

The second option is to say to her ‘would you like some new make up for Mother’s Day? Is there anything you’d like to try/order – my treat’ and I’m sure she’d jump at the chance. Whilst yes you’re taking the element of surprise out, you know she’ll be getting something she actually wants/chooses. 

For me, I think a new eyeshadow palette, this one from Too Faced is very neutral so would suit most skin tones and would be a real treat, to this gorgeous lipliner and lipstick from MAC– I have so many old lipsticks that probably need to be removed from my makeup bag by a person in a hazmat suit so a new nude lipstick would be an amazing treat to receive! 

Candle : 

So candles I know may be a bit boring, but this White Collection one sounds lovely and perfect for adding in with a gift, this has scents that I love: coconut and vanilla and is something that I use but definitely wouldn’t buy for myself. 

The White Collection at Boots has some really lovely products, including bath and body products, dressing gown, luxury soft socks, etc.. you could always buy a selection to make a pamper bundle which would be a lovely present idea!

Disclaimer – I know we are all very sensible round here, but never leave a burning candle un attended. 

There are so many other amazing gift ideas for her at Boots, some other things I thought that would make lovely gifts are :

Using Boots Photo to have a photo printed of her and put it in a nice frame, 

Or have something peronalised like this trinket box 

Treat her to her favourite perfume (that never goes wrong!) 

Or some lovely skincare (something we also never buy for ourselves) 

If you’ve got a bigger budget, why not get her a new hair tool, does she need new straighteners/hair wand/hairdryer? 

But in all honesty, don’t stress, a lovely gift set or something like a nice bath product that she wouldn’t buy herself + with some time for peace and quiet + a card with some nice words about how much you appreciate them it will always go down a treat! Trust me. 

Let me know what you’d love for Mother’s Day if you’re a Mum or if you use any of these ideas, let me know what you choose! 

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