Fall Guys Gets Doom Costumes Next Week So You Can Play


Doom is known for the gallons of blood and tons of gore you leave in your wake as you slay endless scores of demons. Fall Guys is known for being cute, funny and occasionally competitive. Fall Guys is getting Doom costumes next week because logic has to be defied every now and then.

Although it’s an unlikely crossover at a first glance, Fall Guys’ Doom costumes are only the latest in a long-running series that brought other popular IPs into the highly popular party game. Team Fortress 2’s Scout and best dino ever Godzilla are a few of the names that preceded them. Heck, even Santa Claus couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Fall Guys’ Doom costumes let you dress up your jelly bean as super cute versions of the Doom Slayer, Cacodemon and the Tyrant. Judging by the most recent trailer, they also fit surprisingly well into Fall Guys’ world, although the hellish makeover it received also probably helps.

The Doom costumes will likely be available to buy from the Fall Guys in-game store, so it’s a good idea to start saving some Crowns, if you plan on getting them.

Fall Guys’ Doom Costumes become available next week, on January 12, so it’s only a few days until we’ll be able to Trip and Stumble.

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