5 Best Places to visit in Jordan


Jordan has Israel to its west and Saudi Arabia and Iraq to its east – might not that interesting as a vacation destination right? Well, you’re wrong. Jordan has more than enough to cater to your adventure thrill and also at the same time can give you the right relaxation vibes for your vacation. Let’s look at the top 5 destinations that get a lot of attention from tourists every year.


The marvelous site was first inhabited in the 4th century B.C. wherein it was a thriving business center interestingly. It was not until recent years that it was discovered and came to be known to the world; the wonderful place was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 2007, one of the 7 wonders of the world. 

Back then, it was the capital of the Arabian Nabatean civilization where ancestors managed to make it the most important trading outpost in the area. Today, it is famous for its beautiful, enchanting red-hued sandstone escarpments and the siq that are tunnels created by erosion. It’s really a treat to explore! At the end of the siq, you’ll find Al-Khazneh(The Treasury) which is a popular attraction for the right reasons! You can find the twin statues of Pollux & Greek demigods here in the front area and many other beautiful temples and monuments. 


Amman is the melting pot of culture and history of Jordan and the majestic capital as well. The place is quite characteristic of the whole of Arabia with modern buildings that blend well with ancient culture. 

There are some popular sights and attractions that you mustn’t miss while exploring like the chic terrace cafes, the Roman Amphitheater, Jordan Museum, Abdoun for its amazing nightlife, the captivating Amman Citadel that houses ancient structures and architectural ruins that is well preserved. The souqs or the open-air marketplace also gives you a glimpse into the Jordanian culture and lifestyle.   

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a huge desert landscape consisting of narrow canyons, sandstone arches, high cliffs, and much more. It’s magnificent with a gorgeous view and also named as “the Valley of the Moon”. 

It is especially famous for its breathtaking sunset views and the adventure on the off-road drive you can enjoy through the desert. Also, you can enjoy a night in a tent here to get that authentic Bedouin tribe feel. Gazing at the shooting stars in the cold desert can give you an amazing experience. 

Dead Sea

Coming to the heart of all attractions is the Dead Sea. It is located at the lowest point on earth and known for its hypersaline nature. Due to this phenomenon, it makes people float on water which is an interesting adventure to explore. 

It’s mineral abundant mud has various healing properties for the skin. Paddling through the buoyant water is a fascinating feel. The mud also has uses in making skin cosmetics due to its beneficial properties. Also, there are a good number of beach resorts to enjoy the stay to the fullest.

Bethany Beyond the Jordan

This place was previously known as Al-Maghtas that is located on the eastern bank of Jordan River. This is the most sacred place to be considered as this was the place where Jesus Christ was baptized by Saint John the Baptist.

This place actually has 2 areas: Elijah’s Hill or Tell Al-Kharrara and Saint John the Baptist’s church. Truly a fascinating place to explore in Jordan. 

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