2021 Volkswagen Arteon Remains, Pricing Announced


Image: VW of America

Volkswagen isn’t listening to Corey, apparently. Just like the rest of us don’t, either! Ba-zing!

I kid, I kid. We all have takes, and we all poke fun at each other on Slack. But Corey just recently wrote that the Volkswagen Arteon needs to die. And yet, it continues to live.

I don’t totally agree with Corey’s take — the Arteon is a pretty decent car. But I see the logic: What’s the business model for a large sedan during a time of crossover craze, especially when one can get a similar Audi for not much more dough?

But VW isn’t ready to pull any plugs just yet. Not surprising, really, since the car just launched not too long ago. It’s out there, and there were development costs and certification costs and all that. Might as well sell as many as VW can and try to make some money off of it, especially as it is refreshed for this year.

So now we have proof of life in the form of 2021 Arteon pricing. The base price for the 2021 MY is $36,995. That’s for an SE.

Step up to the SEL R-Line and pony up at least $41,595 ($43,395 for AWD), while the top-trim SEL Premium R-Line starts at $46,995 with standard all-wheel drive. Destination for all trims is $1,195.

[Image: Volkswagen]

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